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Discover DocVision Windscreen Cleaning Tablets

See why DocVision makes more sense than conventional screen wash

Easy to use – just add tap water!

Simply add one tablet of DocVision to approximately 4 litres of tap water for a high quality, all-weather screen wash. For best results, leave for 1 hour to allow tablet to fully dissolve.

Mix approximately 4 litres of tap water to one DocVision Screen Wash Tablet

Dissolves 100% and won’t clog your washer jets

Effective Windscreen Cleaning Power

Powerful all-weather cleaning against dirt, dust and bugs.

With top European quality control certification and approval, DocVision is compatible with all vehicle materials, parts and components and supports:

• Decalcification of washer jets

• Maintenance of the washer system

• Maintenance of the wiper rubbers

DEKRA testing and certification

Great for the Environment

Completely environmentally friendly, DocVision windscreen cleaning tablets are 100% biodegradable and have no impact on plant, animal or marine life.

With no plastic packaging or containers, there’s no waste with DocVision. This helps to keep plastics out of land fill and out of our oceans. In addition, there’s no requirement for waste collection or recycling, creating further energy savings.

See all environmental benefits

How DocVision is helping to keep plastics out of our oceans

Good for Your Business

DocVision windscreen cleaning tablets deliver benefits to your business, including:

  • Reduced cost of transportation
  • Significantly reduced storage and shelving requirements
  • Cuts the cost of materials handling
  • No waste disposal costs
  • No special safety precautions or storage

Also available for larger commercial vehicles and fleets, DocVision can be supplied in bulk packs with larger tablets, each providing the equivalent of 12 litres of screen wash.

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, DocVision is available in regular tablets and larger tablets for commercial vehicles and off-road machinery

Cleaning Power

Powerful, all-weather cleaning against dirt, dust and bugs

Easy to use

Just add tap water. Convenient to store anywhere in your vehicle without leaking.

Good for the Environment

100% biodegradable. No packaging or waste. Keeps plastics out of landfill and our oceans

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